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Splash Sex Toy Cleaner

antibacterial cleaning agent

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Product description :

Splash Sex Toy Cleaner combines Eucalyptus Essential Oil with a low range enzyme to amplify its effectiveness as an antibacterial cleaning agent and disinfectant.

1. Eucalyptus Essential Oil is a natural antibacterial defence.
2. Germs can become resistant against synthetic cleaners. Resistance does not develop against naturally-occurring substances like eucalyptus oil.
3. Eucalyptus Essential Oil only depletes BAD BACTERIA.
4. Synthetic and bleach based antibacterial kill both bad and good bacteria. Allowing BAD BACTERIA to re-form and mutate into SUPER BUGS travelling easily between surfaces and onto humans.
5. Eucalyptus and essential oils have been clinically tested at Weber State University to kill 99.96% of airborne bacteria.
6. Clinical trials show Eucalyptus Essential Oil has one of the highest BIO-FREQUENCIES of any natural substance. Its frequency of 150MHZ does not allow microbes, disease, bacteria, virus and fungus to live.

Available in 125ml spray which provide less waste and more even coverage for customers.

Cleaning your sex toys with Splash Sex Toy Cleaner will help avoid spreading unwanted bacteria or viruses.