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Natural Breast Development Enlarger

twin cup breast enlarger

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Manufacturer: NMC

RRP $119.94  $89.94

Product description :

Natural Breast Development Enlarger is an easy to use twin cup breast enlarger with two suction cups connected to form a wearable bra.

Working in the same manner that a penis pump works to widen and lengthen a mans penis, the Natural Breast Development Enlarger is the women's equivalent for the breasts.

Place cups over both breasts and find a comfortable seal all the way round. The rubber rim ensures a quality airlock seal so the cups stay in place and you can start pumping to your desired size.

Push switch to "VIBROSUCTION" to create a seal on the cups and start development. The vacuum is achieved by a smooth and quiet battery operated pump. When sufficient air is released from the cups, push switch to "VIBRATE" mode.

It's a simple to operate breast enlarger with an on/off button and a vacuum release valve. To remove the cups when finished, press "RELEASE VALVE" on side of hand set.

With measuring device on the side of each cup you can see how much you have grown and by using this device to exercise the breast tissue 10 minutes a day it can be possible to stimulate the hormonal breast tissue responsible for growth so you breasts stay firmer and larger.

Individual results may vary depending on age and health, so unfortunately no guarantees of long term enhancement can be offered.