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Hi-Beam Vibrating Nipple Pumps

vibrating nipple stimulators

Availability: In stock

Manufacturer: Seven Creations

RRP $71.94  $46.94

Product description :

Hi-Beam Vibrating Nipple Pumps are vibrating nipple stimulators with suction caps and removable chrome bullet vibrators for each nipple.

Bigger, harder and more sensitive nipples are just the flick of a switch away with this vibrating nipple pump. Power packed hand-pump with quick-release pressure valve for total control creates a mini vacuum that pulls even the shyest nipple to attention, increasing sensitivity to touch.

Hi-Beam Vibrating Nipple Pumps will give bigger nipples faster and looks and feels so erotic. Pop these nipple pumps on shortly before sex and wear them for a few minutes to increase sensitivity to touch.

Using the nipple stimulators for short periods for play and infrequently will not cause any permanent change to your nipples, but it does feel great. Using this nipple pump regularly can result in a permanent enlargement and toughening of the nipples, causing them to become erect more easily and stay erect for longer.

Nipple pumps ideal for those who lust after perkier nips or want to tease out shy, inverted nipples. Quick fitting suction hose for easy cleaning and storage.

Batteries included.