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Portable Travel Douche Set

with a vaginal and anal attachment

Availability: In stock

Manufacturer: Seven Creations

RRP $41.94  $31.94

Product description :

Unisex Portable Travel Douche Set by Seven Creations is a compact and convienient 5 piece kit that contains everything you would need to prepare yourself for anal pleasures.

This Travel Douche Set comes with both a vaginal and anal attachment, so you can use this kit anywhere, for all your soaking or washing needs! It's very durable, easy to use, versatile and can hold up to two litres.

The method for using the douche must be followed with care. The bag is to be hung at a height that is comfortable for you to reach, but high enough to allow the fluid to flow freely down the tube. Screw the tube into the bottom of the bag. Check to be sure the tap is in the OFF position. Screw on either the vaginal or anal attachment. To adjust the flow of liquid, adjust the tap.

Talk with your physician or doctor before douching about its advantages and disadvantages, and follow all safety advice and procedures to correctly and safely use your Travel Douche Set.

Unisex Portable Travel Douche Set includes:

  • 2 litre folding douche bag – the expandable douche bag with plastic hanger cleans up easy and then folds back to a compact size for travel and or dry storage.
  • 1.2m clear tube – threaded ends with tap for fluid pressure/flow control and easy cleaning.
  • Vaginal spout – threaded attachment ensures even spray dispersal of fluid.
  • Anal spout – threaded anal attachment for accurate spray of fluid.
  • Plastic suction hook – plastic hook mounts on most surfaces and holds the douche bag securely.